Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University

The Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) is the medical school that leads to Georgia and one of the academic and scientific leaders throughout the Caucasus region, based in the institutions in the early twentieth century. 

The history of the highest medical education in Georgia represents about 100 years, and in fact, this is the history of the order of doctors.


Tbilisi State University Medical School (1917-1970), Tbilisi State Medical Institute (1933-1991), Tbilisi State Medical University (1992 – to date) – are considered stages of institution development unique training, traditional and powerful superior, undivided organism: Tbilisi State Medical University.


TSMU fully recognizes the central role and responsibility for the development of democratic and knowledge-based, the maintenance of public health and of the supporting society.


Today, TSMU is considered the most successful medical school in Georgia, where more than 7,000 undergraduate and master’s and doctoral programs receive education, including 2,000 students from 43 countries around the world. Over 1,000 doctors and dentists (dentists) participate in residency programs and post-graduate training.


Benefits of Studying MBBS in Tbilisi State Medical University

In each class there can be about 10-14 students and for the class infrastructure. This provides a stronger relationship between teacher and student.


  • Classrooms are furnished and equipped with heating systems to resist frost during the winter.
  • The university has a library that has a collection of books on medicine and medicine in English and other languages with reading rooms that offer students a quiet place to study.
  • There is also an additional computer room with an Internet connection for any additional cross-references.

Faculty and Courses

  • Medicine
  • Stomatology
  • Pharmacy
  • Public health
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Education of foreign students
  • Nursing and professional programs
  • Post-graduate diploma in medical education

Accreditation and Recognition

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United Nations Organization (UN)
  • Educational Commission for graduates in foreign medicine (ECFMG)
  • Foundation for the Advancement of Education and International Medical Research (FAIMER)
  • Our Indian graduates can obtain full registration at the Medical Council of India after passing the screening test

Tbilisi State Medical University is the leading medical university in Tbilisi, Georgia and is the largest medical university in Georgia and Eastern Europe. The university was founded in 1918 and has recently celebrated its centenary. It was founded as Tbilisi Medical Institute and became the faculty of medicine within the Tbilisi State University in 1930.


The university has produced many doctors and has been recognized/listed by the World Health Organization, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, European Commission for Education, and World Federation of Medical Education. This means that graduates can be employed in any country after passing the licensing exam/screening test.


Approximately a quarter of students are international and come from over 65 countries across the world. Many of the courses are taught in English and the university follows the European Union syllabus to make it easier for transfer students. The university holds a cultural meet every year for international students to socialize and showcase their talents.


The university combines teaching, research, medical and pharmaceutical activity within all classes and lectures. Courses are available across medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, public health, physical medicine and rehabilitation, nursing and vocational programs and postgraduate medical education.


Classes sizes are typically quite small with approximately 10-14 students per class, meaning that the staff to student ratio is quite high.


The university is a partner of over 120 universities and university clinics from 40 countries worldwide.


The library is equipped with books in English and other foreign languages and the nearby computer suite also provides a place for students to study.


Duration of Programs in Tbilisi State Medical University

Duration of the course in Tbilisi State Medical University varies from 4 to 6 years depending on the chosen program.

Intake for Tbilisi State Medical University

The course at Tbilisi State Medical University usually commences in March & September. It is one of the Most Reputed Universities in Georgia. They have limited seats for international students. Admission Process is Always open, Students better start applying for this University as soon as possible Because the Seats are Limited.

Medium of Teaching in English

The medium of instruction for All Programs is English.

Required Documents for Programs in Tbilisi State Medical University

  • Grade 12th Results. (Equivalent to A-Level)
  • 1 Passport-size photo
  • Passport
  • Transfer Certificate (For Transferring Students)
  • Transcript of Grades & Syllabus (For Transferring Students)
To Apply Send your Documents to eg.aigroeG-ydutSobfsctd@UMST

Eligibility for Admission in Tbilisi State Medical University

The Basic Eligibility for All Programs in Georgia at the Tbilisi State Medical University

  • High School Diploma
  • English medium education
  • Valid passport
  • Good Level of English writing and speaking skills

Programs Available in Tbilisi State Medical University

One-Cycle Higher Education Program
  • Dentistry
  • General Medicine / Medical Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • US Medical Doctor Program

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