Marketing Study Program in Georgia


Marketing Study in Georgia Program Objective To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of current marketing theory and practices. Program Description: Master the basics of sales, retail operations, and strategy while also receiving specialized instruction on: Technological advances Ethical marketing practices Consumer relationships Internet-based marketing trends Be a driving force Whether in an agency, in […]

Management Study Program in Georgia


Management Study in Georgia WHAT YOU GAIN FROM YOUR STUDIES  Practical skills and analytical tools needed for the creation of a new business venture Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge required to take advantage of available opportunities and tackle the problems of business development Knowledge and skills needed to become an entrepreneurial leader in various organizations (profit […]

English Philology Study in Georgia

English Philology

English Philology Study Program Considering complexity of the field of philology, the program is designed to mold high qualified professionals with the competence relevant to humanitarian thought, pedagogical activities and effective communication. The program is in full compliance with the university mission – “to expand knowledge boundaries and educate a person”…  The mission is attainable […]

Tourism Study in Georgia


Tourism Study Program in Georgia The four-year program in Tourism gives students necessaryskills and knowledge needed for professional growth, which willenable them to have a successful future career. The programcurriculum covers general courses as well as courses in tourismmanagement. Tourism Program Content The program is interdisciplinary and aims to equip students with knowledge in the […]

Nursing Study Program in Georgia


Nursing Study Program in Georgia Nursing Program Description Program goals: The objective of the program is to promote effective operation of the healthcare system by educating of qualified and highly competent nurses. By offering program-integrated theoretical and practical courses, the program will allow graduates to acquire basic knowledge of nursing theory and methodology, develop clinical […]

Design Study Program in Georgia


Design Study Program in Georgia Objectives of the Programme: Bachelor’s in Visual Arts Programmesaims to give students a wide range of knowledge in art and design, in particular in painting, communication design and interior design. Students will be able to: critically review current trends and movements in fields of painting, communication and interior design; put […]

Architecture Study Program in Georgia


Architecture Study Program in Georgia The aim of the Bachelor Programme in Architecture is to prepare graduates who:possess a broad theoretical and practical knowledge in architecture; are able to critically review the existing trends in architecture, are able to use the knowledge acquired in architecture; understand the current problems faced by a modern city and […]