Engineering (Computer Science, IT) Study Program in Georgia

Computer Science

Engineering (Computer Science, IT) Study Program Introduction If you are interested in the field of software engineering and programming, the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering is the right place for you. This faculty will make you an expert programmer, giving you the essential programming training by working on many software engineering and design projects. […]

Pharmacy Study Program in Georgia


Pharmacy Study Program in Georgia Pharmacy Program description The aim of this program is to prepare a qualified bachelor pharmacist who will be able to develop professionally and continue with the next stage of education, who will have the basic knowledge in: pharmaceutical care, patient-centered pharmacotherapy, use of the results of clinical trials in pharmacy, […]

Information Technology Study Program in Georgia

Information Technology

Information Technology Study Program in Georgia Program Description Program goals: The aim of the program is to prepare competent qualified specialists in modern computer and information technology. To give the graduate the knowledge of the relevant theories of computer and information technologies and to develop practical skills, develop a lifelong learning and continuous professional development […]

Dentistry Study Program in Georgia


Dentistry Study Program in Georgia Program Description Dentistry Program goals: The goal of the program is to coach qualified dentists, whose professional activities will help to increase the level of dental services, prevent oral diseases and improve overall health. The graduate of this program will have basic knowledge of oral health care medicine (clinical and […]

Psychology Study Program in Georgia


Psychology Study Program in Georgia Psychology Program Description Astonishing program that focuses on the scientific study of individual and collective behavior, the physical and environmental bases of behavior, and the analysis and treatment of behavior problems and disorders. Includes instruction in the principles of the various subfields of psychology, research methods, and psychological assessment and […]

Civil Engineering Study in Georgia

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Program in Georgai Civil Engineering Program Description The Civil Engineering Program prepares students for the design and management of civil infrastructure including water resources, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and transportation. The program is based upon the San Diego State University program and is positioned for international accreditation according to the American Board of […]

Economics Study in Georgia


Economics Study Economics Study Program Description The BA program in Economics was established in 2011 and offers studies in English as well as in Georgian. It introduces students to macro-and microeconomic theory, monetary and fiscal policies, models of international economics. In addition, students will obtain knowledge in the evaluation of the world economy as well […]

International Relations Study in Geogia

International Relations

International Relations Study The aim of the BA program in International Relations is to provide a broad range of theoretical and practical knowledge in the system, structures and theories of international relations and give a comprehensive academic knowledge of the institutional, economic and political processes taking place at the global stage. The program equips its […]