Business Administration

Business Administration Study Program in Georgia


Business Administration Study Program in Georgia

Business AdministrationProgram Description

Program goals:

The objective of the program provides a student with modern business administration. To provide a solid foundation for business administration sections –such as economics, finances, marketing, accounting, management, etc. as well as business sections such as banking, insurance, industrial, financial, etc. After completing the program, a student will develop basic entrepreneur skills, as well as receives knowledge and skills that are necessary for lower and middle-level managers in Georgia and worldwide.

Knowledge and understanding Graduate will be able to: 

Know main principles and theories of micro and macro economics Understand participants of market, market forces, role of competition for product pricing Know the state role in economics Know monetary and fiscal policies, inflation, unemployment, theories of developing state economics Know mathematical and statistical theories Understand achievements of school of management Understand ethics of business environment Know legislative forms of business organisation Know critical methods of analysis of an organisation and environment, modern methods of assessment and modeling of the happening Know discussion and decision making principles Know assessment principles of the strategic alternatives and methodology of competitive business strategy Understand theoretical basics of business optimisation and 

management Understand management structure, its subsystems and its relationship Understand management`s strategic, financial, production, administrative, international, social, cultural aspects Know fundamental principles and theories of Marketing, modern understanding of competitiveness of companies Understand modeling of network for product distribution Know price systems, trademarks that are used by international marketing systems Know modern technologies of managing advertisement and promotions, general methodology of promotion and pricing, costing and cost strategy analysis Understand theoretical basis for providing effective advertisement performance Know modern PR methodologies for forming public opinion, understanding of competitiveness Understand internationally accepted accounting principles, methodologies for assessing financial position of the company, producing income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement Know financial markets, financial instruments and financial institutions Know assessment principles of financial investment instruments, methods of constructing financial portfolios, risk management and analysis.

Applying knowledge

The graduate will be able to:

  • Work individually and in team
  • Plan, motivate, control, implement
  • Lead
  • Develop strategic vision, design business plan with accordance with requirements, identify critical solution, develop an operational plan
  • Organise with accordance of requirements marketing research, analyse statistical information
  • Use mathematical and statistical application for solving financial problems
  • Create financial and bookkeeping documentation
  • Generate final results’ assessment coefficients
  • Assess investment project
  • Produce expenditure, expenses and budget documents, calculation of production cost
  • Find information on financial market regarding financial instruments and organise financial portfolios

Making judgments

  • The graduate will be able to:
  • Analyse quantitative and qualitative results of a research
  • Make conclusions and arguments based on the statistical analysis of marketing research
  • Predict future sales and prices based on past statistical results
  • Analyse market and environment forces; to compare competitors and weak and strong sides in business SWOT analysis
  • Analyse financial documentation of the organisation and make decisions regarding its financial position
  • Analyse reasons that brings difference between budgeted and actual results
  • Make optimal judgement when assessing investment projects
  • Analyse special financial information from special TV programs and newspapers and to make correct judgment based on this information
  • Communications skills
  • The graduate will be able to:
  • Present own vision in writing as well as to make presentation using modern technology
  • Use appropriate terminology during a presentation
  • Explain or tell appropriate information to the specialists as well as other interested individuals
  • Participate in discussion
  • Present detailed analysis of the result in writing
  • Communicate fluently in Georgian and English
  • Use electronic communication at academic level

Learning skills

  • The graduate will be able to:
  • State its professional interests and independently identify preferable continuation of study at next level of education or progress knowledge by new, certified courses
  • Search required literature electronically and in library
  • Constantly progress its knowledge by using Georgian and English special literature


  • The graduate will be able to:
  • Consider liberal-democratic attitudes expressed by respecting individual and property
  • Consider correct attitude towards physical and intellectual properties. Consider personal and collective responsibilities
  • Consider responsibilities toward the community and state expressed with respect to the law and business ethics
  • Consider the role of the values in developing of the State and welfare of future generation.