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Tourism Study Program in Georgia

The four-year program in Tourism gives students necessary skills and knowledge needed for professional growth, which will enable them to have a successful future career. The program curriculum covers general courses as well as courses in tourism management.

Tourism Program Content

The program is interdisciplinary and aims to equip students with knowledge in the fields of business and management as well as empower them with practical skills in research, communication and IT Major specialization courses offered:

  • Tourism Economics
  • Restaurant and Catering
  • Service Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Tourism Statistics
  • Tourism Management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Hotel Management
  • Human Resource
  • Management in Tourism
  • Corporate Finances
  • Resort Management
  • International Tourist Markets
  • Business Plan
  • Development
  • Qualitative and Quantitative

Methods of Research

Key Features

  • The academic process in the school is directly linked to practice. Courses are delivered by professors and experts, as well as practitioners in tourism industry. It provides an unique opportunity for students to gain academic knowledge while maintaining close link to its practical applications.
  • As a part of academic process, CTS students have an opportunity to participate in national and international conferences, trainings, workshops and seminars.
  • Extracurricular activities including study visits and excursions to various touristic destinations are organized to promote networking and teambuilding.
  • CTS is a partner of leading international universities and local public and private organizations involved in the tourism industry. In the  framework of these partnerships, additional learning resources and internship opportunities are available for students.
  • CTS provides additional language courses to help students further advance their employment opportunities.
  • CTS organizes regular thematic events to help students develop
    professional networks.
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