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Why Choose University of Georgia for Dentistry?

In the competitive field of healthcare, choosing the right university for your dental education is crucial. The University of Georgia (UG) stands out as a premier destination for aspiring dentists seeking a comprehensive and world-class education. Offering a Single-Cycle Degree Program in Dentistry conducted entirely in English, UG combines rigorous academic training with practical clinical experience to prepare students for successful careers in dentistry.


Nestled in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia, the University of Georgia is renowned for its commitment to excellence in higher education. As the official representative of UG, Study Georgia proudly presents an in-depth exploration of why UG is the ideal choice for pursuing a degree in Dentistry. From program details to learning outcomes and teaching methodologies, discover how UG sets itself apart as a leading institution for dental education.


1. Introduction to UG and Dentistry Program
2. Program Goals and Learning Outcomes
3. Admission Requirements
4. Why Georgia is a Preferred Destination for Education
5. Safety and Support for International Students
6. Conclusion: Choosing UG for Your Dental Career

Dentistry Course Duration and Fees

The Dentistry program at UG spans 5 years, with an annual tuition fee of 5,500 USD.  This structure allows students to immerse themselves fully in their studies, gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical skills over a sustained period.

Dentistry Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

The Dentistry program at UG aims to cultivate competent and compassionate dentists equipped with the necessary theoretical knowledge and clinical skills. Graduates of the program are prepared to enhance dental services, prevent oral diseases, and contribute to overall community health. The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of dental specializations, from therapeutic dentistry to maxillo-facial surgery, ensuring comprehensive preparation for professional practice and further specialization.

Study Dentistry in Georgia: Admission Requirements

For citizens of Georgia and foreign countries who have received complete general education in Georgia:

● Successful completion of national exams.
● Proof of English language proficiency at B2 level, demonstrated
by one of the following:

Alternatively, if the applicant does not possess the above-mentioned certificates, they can prove their English language competence through a university exam.

● Submission of relevant documents to the Ministry of Education
and Science of Georgia.
● Passing an admission exam or interview covering basic issues in
Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

These requirements ensure that applicants are well-prepared for the rigorous academic demands of the dentistry program and can successfully navigate the coursework in English.

Why Georgia is a Preferred Destination for Dentistry For International Students?

why choose university of georgia

Georgia has emerged as a preferred destination for international students seeking quality education at affordable costs. With its rich cultural heritage, vibrant lifestyle, and welcoming environment, Georgia offers a unique blend of academic excellence and cultural diversity. The University of Georgia, situated in the capital city of Tbilisi, provides a conducive atmosphere for learning and personal growth, attracting students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Safety and Support for International Students

Safety is paramount at UG, and Georgia as a whole is known for its low crime rate and hospitable population. The university and Study Georgia collaborate to ensure international students receive comprehensive support throughout their academic journey. From assistance with visa applications to accommodation arrangements and cultural integration, UG and Study Georgia are committed to making students feel safe, supported, and at home in Tbilisi.

Conclusion: Choosing UG for Your Dental Career

In conclusion, the University of Georgia’s Dentistry program offers aspiring dentists a pathway to excellence in oral healthcare. With its rigorous curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced faculty, UG prepares students not only to meet but to exceed the challenges of modern dentistry. By choosing UG, you are investing in a future enriched with professional success, ethical practice, and lifelong learning in the field of dentistry.

Explore your potential and embark on a fulfilling dental career journey with the University of Georgia. Let Study-Georgia guide you through every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition and a rewarding experience in one of Europe’s leading educational institutions.

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