Management Study Program in Georgia

Management Study in Georgia


  • Practical skills and analytical tools needed for the creation of a new business venture
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge required to take advantage of available opportunities and tackle the problems of business development
  • Knowledge and skills needed to become an entrepreneurial leader in various organizations (profit and non-profit)
  • Knowledge regarding the specificity of family business and succession processes
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Practical knowledge of planning and conducting marketing activities in different organizations
  • Practical knowledge on how to develop successful strategies for achieving marketing objectives
  • Skills and competencies in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) marketing tools
  • Practical ability to conduct marketing research projects – planning and implementation
  • In-depth knowledge on how to explore new markets by means of international marketing activities
  • Practical knowledge of contemporary trends in marketing (e.g., social media marketing, viral marketing, etc.)
  • Knowledge regarding the international and intercultural aspects of management and organizations
  • An understanding of the impact of cultures on organizations
  • The ability to understand and work in an international/multicultural environment
  • The ability to understand and apply management concepts in diverse cultural settings


  • A manager in Polish branches of foreign enterprises
  • A specialist  in foreign market development
  • A specialist in international cooperation in public/local administration offices and in the non-governmental sector
  • A leader of international projects
  • An entrepreneur who pursues opportunities on the international market
  • An entrepreneurial leader in different organizations
  • A marketing specialist – ready to work in both domestic and international environments as well as corporations, small and medium sized companies, interactive or marketing research agencies, and/or public institutions
  • A junior marketing manager responsible for the development of brands in local, domestic, or international markets
  • A marketing consultant with in depth knowledge of the newest concepts and marketing tools
  • An entrepreneur prepared for the succession of the family business


  • International Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Digital Society & New Media
  • HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering) Management

* Majors will launch provided that the required amount of students sign up.


o   Principles of Management

o   Principles of Psychology

o   Microeconomics

o   Strategic Management

o   Introduction to International Management

o   Project Management

o   HR Management

o   Principles of Macroeconomics

o   Principles of Marketing

o   Negotiations

o   Sustainable Development

o   Principles of Entrepreneurship

o   Business Plan

o   Qualitative Research

o   Corporate and Business Law

o   Management Business Games

o   Interpersonal Communication

o   Report Writing & Presentation Skills

o   Computer Science

o   Ethics in Business

o   Principles of Law

o   Quantitative Methods

o   Critical Thinking

o   Organizational Studies

o   Managerial Statistics

o   Principles of Finance

o   Preparing Financial Statements

o   Managerial Accounting

o   Corporate Finance

o   European Union Functioning

o   Business English for LCCI

o   Foreign language II – German /Polish/Spanish)

o   Sports

o   Elective Courses

o   Bachelor Seminar

o   Internship